May 22, 2024

The Practice of the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence, a man of remarkable humility, embarked on a spiritual journey that unlocked the profound essence of dwelling in the presence of God. Initially a soldier, his unquenchable thirst for Jesus Christ led him to a solitary life in the desert. However, he soon realized that isolation was not the path for a young man seeking spiritual enlightenment, which eventually led him to a monastery.

In this transformative journey, Brother Lawrence unearthed the power of training one’s mind and heart to be consumed by God alone. His practice consisted of meditation on the word of God, incessant praise, heartfelt thanksgiving, and profound adoration. While it was challenging at the outset, he gradually became intimately acquainted with the presence of God in his daily life. Every action he performed was an expression of his love for God. In moments of failure or sin, he humbly repented, allowing God’s boundless love to envelop him. As Brother Lawrence astutely puts it, “The practice of the presence of God is the easiest and shortest path to achieving Christian perfection and safeguarding oneself from sin.”

Brother Lawrence’s insight is profound, having learned more directly from God in a brief span than he could ever glean from any institution. Despite a busy schedule, he maintained a continuous dialogue with God, keeping the divine at the forefront of his thoughts.

He ardently encouraged his companions to embrace the practice of meditating on God’s word, reveling in His love, offering unceasing praise, and deep adoration. While this path is not without its challenges, the rewards are immeasurable. I find myself inspired to embark on this spiritual journey, fully aware that it may demand time and unwavering commitment. When I falter or stumble, I will remember not to be too harsh on myself, but rather sincerely repent and allow God’s transformative work to unfold. In the midst of our busy lives, prayer remains an essential cornerstone, even if it is brief.

In conclusion, Brother Lawrence’s “The Practice of the Presence of God” serves as an enlightening guide, urging us to embark on a profound spiritual journey of our own. His wisdom reminds us that, through consistent effort, we can draw closer to God and experience His presence in our daily lives, ultimately leading us to a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Review by Jacqueline Waithera

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