May 22, 2024
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Burden of proof?

By Philip Gitau

After a few, short conversations we often put our trust in human beings. We cede ‘very important’ control of our lives to mere mortals, almost abandoning our lives to the chef, the speeding highway driver, the pilot, the doctor whom we barely know. But where we draw the all ‘intelligent’, all ‘important’ line is with the Being who has woken us morning after morning (almost 16,000 times for me!). That One who keeps the squishy matter in our skulls in a beautiful balance of sanity… that One we want to prove Himself!

For unless we want to contend that it is chance that parts our eyelids every daylight, that it is happenstance that keeps the aorta flowing, then we must believe a Higher Being regulates these basic life sustaining systems very consistently, minute by minute and every split second of our flaky existence on Earth.

But alas! He must prove to us again and again or else we shall not believe!

The surgeon only needs a piece of paper hanging on a wall, white coat and a few other paraphernalia and he can slice our guts right open and give us unpronounceable chemicals to swallow!

However because He is kind, and patient, and very loving, knowing we are fickle and stubborn, He elongates our stay on His turf. He bears our arrogant queries and unfounded mistrust, over many moons. At times in an even deeper act of love He wrestles us to our death bed, He contends with us souls even when the outer shell is wasted and wasting away.

He however stated ‭in Genesis 6:3 “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever…” before He laid to waste the ancient world with raging waters.

So who needs to prove themselves? The accredited, white-coat physician who often has to Google our symptoms or the ONE who finely threaded all our nerves and capillaries?

Oh LORD have mercy on us. “I believe You LORD, help my unbelief”.

Philip Gitau is a striving Christian who desires to draw closer to Christ and be more captivated by His amazing love. He is married and currently has three children. Philip studied business and is an entrepreneur. His free day may be easily spent at the Nairobi National Park or Oloolua Nature Trail.

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