May 22, 2024
people in a concert

Worship already in session – We’ll get there when we do

By Tohru Inoue

I led worship at a conference recently. In preparations for it we went through the suggestions and comments from the last one. One of the comments asked if we could have some worship as people were making their way into the room.

I was annoyed by it and shared that with the other organizers. It felt like I was asked to play elevator music! Asked to be the guy at the dive-bar playing to a drunken crowd who didn’t care who was there at “open mic.”

I talked through my irritation with the other organizers and then heard the words come out of my own mouth — that when we get to heaven, we are entering worship, already in session.

We will all be “late.” However much we try to be on time, we will never have arrived before the sound of the first note. It’s been going on for a long time. There is an ongoing stream of worship and we are just joining in when we get there.

Do you hear the music as you approach the throne room? Do you hear it swell when you open the doors to the sanctuary?

Welcome friend, you’re just in time.

Tohru Inoue serves as a missionary with SIM Kenya. You can follow him at

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